Our Approach

IFMK Law Client Service Plan


At IFMK Law we believe that the best defense starts with an understanding of the facts of each case and early recognition of risk. When you need legal help for your business, governmental body, or personal matters we are available to receive inquiries and render legal opinions regardless of whether the cases have been referred for defense.  


Customized legal strategies


Every case is unique. IFMK attorneys work with our clients to formulate an appropriate strategy that takes into account the facts, medical issues, legal issues, and the particulars of the geographic locale and the arbitrators or judges involved.

Within 48 hours of receipt of a file, we prepare an opening review letter that addresses the compensability, liability, and trial exposure issues. The letter details the facts and medical history for each case and provides a checklist of our recommendations for future handling of each claim.

In some cases, an aggressive response leading to litigation will be in your best interest. We work with you to ensure that your legal decisions are good business decisions.

litigation with your team

We understand that resolving disputes involves working together with the claims representative and our client company’s representatives. As defense counsel, we provide legal guidance and analysis, participate in the litigation process, aid and expedite the settlement process, and provide necessary legal expertise through the trial phase of the litigation. For any case which is tried, we provide an analysis of the procedures and an accounting of the factors affecting our chances of prevailing including at the review and appellate levels, and an estimate of the litigation expense. 

Once a case is tried to conclusion or settled, we provide a closure letter to the claims specialist indicating the manner in which the case came to closure and any future implications of the decision, order, or settlement contract, agreement/release.

Ongoing education and support

We provide a full-range of risk/loss prevention consulting services, including legal education seminars at no cost to our clients, upon request.

Providing quality, cost-effective service to our clients is our highest priority.