Practice Areas

Risk/Loss Prevention Consulting Services
Legal Counseling and Education Services

IFMK’s Risk/Loss Prevention Consulting Services include liability management, review of policies and procedures, legislative/statutory analysis, case law updates, and training seminars.

  • Medicare Second Payer and Medicare Lien Services

IFMK’s Medicare Second Payer (MSP) Compliance practice protects clients that are parties to claims involving workers’ compensation, tort injury liability, and no-fault injury liability, pursuant to federal MSP laws. We provide early and thorough investigation and trial preparation in cases where our clients are mandated to take action to ensure that Medicare does not pay for medical bills related to a covered injury case. Read more…

  • Illinois Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training

IFMK’s live sexual harassment prevention training is run by Julie Bruch, Partner in our Employment Law Defense practice. She created this program for employers throughout Illinois to meet the statutory required training all employers within the state must have completed annually. It is now the premier source for sexual harassment prevention training for Illinois employers.  Read more…

  • Law Enforcement and Public Safety Training and Education

IFMK participates in the Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust’s (ICRMT’s) Open Door Legal Program.  Through this partnership with ICRMT, we offer insurance and risk management services, legal advice, critical incident response training, and general legal guidance, gratis, to Illinois public entities members of the ICRMT. Read more…

  • Client and Business Seminars - including CEU credits upon request*

IFMK has a Client Education Committee, led by Shareholders Jynnifer Cotharn and Kevin Deuschle. The member attorneys are active providers of trainings, workshops, and presentations to our clients, potential clients, and partners in the insurance, employer, and legal communities.  For our insurance and TPA clients, we have a list of presentations that are available for continuing education credits. For other clients we can offer presentations for CE credit with a 30 day lead time.  Read more...

* email Kevin Deuschle or JynniferCotharn, or Allison Schaeffer 

  • Legislative Watch Group

IFMK attorneys also proactively monitor pending legislation that may impact our client’s interests. We notify and inform our clients of the legislation, provide input on their behalf to various trade groups, including the Illinois Chamber of Commerce as well as to legislators. When legislation is passed, we educate our clients on changes in the law and advise them on the adjustments that may need to be made in the way they run business operations.