Practice Areas

FOIA and OMA Legal Services
Advice and Counsel for Public Entities

IFMK’s FOIA and OMA legal services practice team advises public entities on best practices for responding to requests for public records in a timely and legally compliant manner, ensuring that meetings are conducted in accordance with the OMA, and addressing Requests for Review filed with the Public Access Counselor.  Our experienced attorneys also represent public entities in FOIA and OMA litigation at both the trial and appellate court levels.

Ongoing Support Services: 
  • Educating clients on FOIA requirements and exemptions
  • Advising clients on OMA requirements for agendas, minutes, meeting transparency, proper closed sessions, and remote meetings
  • Assisting clients with crafting legally compliant FOIA response letters
  • Creating FOIA and OMA guides and other educational materials
  • Training clients on FOIA and OMA compliance

IFMK encourages clients to come to us with questions or concerns regarding FOIA and OMA compliance to avoid Requests for Review with the Public Access Counselor or litigation. We also remain ready to assist in the event suit is filed.

Our FOIA and OMA services are part of our larger Risk/Loss Prevention Consulting Services that include liability management, review of policies and procedures, legislative/statutory analysis, case law updates, and training seminars.  

We also participate in the Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust’s (ICRMT’s) Open Door Legal Program. Through this program in partnership with the ICRMT, we offer insurance and risk management services, legal advice, critical incident response training, and general legal guidance, gratis, to Illinois public entity members of the ICRMT.