21 May 2024

IFMK Law Attorney, Julie Koerner, prevailed before the Court in the Northern District of Illinois in a case involving a Plaintiff who alleged hate speech against the Defendant, the Clerk’s Office of a County Circuit Court.  The Pro Se Plaintiff filed numerous complaints with the court indicating that the someone in the Clerk's Office typed “KLAN” on a series of court orders, and did so to retaliate against him for winning a foreclosure case. He claimed that the Clerk’s Office was out to get him and was using hateful speech to dissuade him from accessing the courts. The Northern District of Illinois granted Defendants’ motion to dismiss Plaintiff’s fourth complaint. Defendants explained that the letters “KLAN” represented the log-in credentials of an employee of the clerk’s office which are he first and last letters of the person’s first name (“K” and “L”), plus the first and last letters of the person’s last name (“A” and “N”). That’s “K” plus “L” plus “A” plus “N.” The court held that Plaintiff’s allegation of hateful speech flunked the plausibility test laid down by the Supreme Court.