Practice Areas

Jail and Corrections Defense
Law Enforcement Officer and Jail Personnel Claims

IFMK's Jail and Corrections Defense practice relies on seasoned litigators, trial attorneys, and appellate advocates, with extensive experience in handling all aspects of a civil rights case; from fact and expert discovery through dispositive motions, trial, and appeal.  

litigation servicEs
  • Wrongful death and suicide
  • Denial of medical and mental health care
  • Conditions of confinement
  • Use of force
  • Failure to intervene
  • Failure to protect
  • Searches
  • Due process
  • Equal protection
  • First Amendment – access to courts, freedom of religion; freedom of speech
  • ADA and Rehabilitation Act
  • Retaliation
  • Conspiracy
  • Claims alleging deficient policies or procedures and failure to train, supervise, or discipline.

IFMK’s Jail and Corrections Defense services include conducting pre-suit investigations and evaluations, reviews and audits of policies and procedures, and advising sheriffs, jail administrators, state’s attorneys, and risk managers on ways to prevent and mitigate risk We offer risk and liability prevention counseling, policies and procedures and inmate rules review,  legislative/statutory analysis, and case law updates as well as training seminars and critical incident investigation and guidance.