The IFMK Law Team


IFMK Law, Ltd (IFMK) thrives on teamwork. Each of our attorneys--Partners, Associates, and those Of Counsel--work closely with a talented group of Legal Staff who help us respond to inquiries, manage our caseloads, and communicate with clients from across Illinois and the Midwest,

Collectively, we have litigated and defended Civil and General Liability, Insurance and Workers' Compensation Claims, and Civil Rights cases for public entities and private clients in various state Municipal Courts, Appellate Courts, Courts of Appeals, Supreme Courts, and Workers’ Compensation Boards and Commissions. We have also presented countless educational seminars and counseled our clients in our various practice areas. We are all committed to proactive defense practices, consulting, legal education and training, with the goal of mitigating risk while helping our clients prevail and avoid future liitigation.